Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twicks or Tweets

I'm on Twitter now. I imagine this will be the downfall of my productivity--not that my productivity was through the roof or anything. But even so, if you're on Twitter let me know--follow me and I'll follow you :-)

So far it has been a bit surreal. I feel like I've been hanging with Ashton Kutcher all day (he's a bit addicted) and then I found out that Dave Navarro is considering donating his body to medical research--can you imagine being the med student who gets his body? LOL. (

Seriously--Twitter is my brand of heroin.

Here's my page:

My name got cut off--and in hindsight I should've done something like brooketaylorwtr or something that actually made sense--but I kind of like boo, so I'm keeping it.


Heather Harper said...

I like that it ends in boo. ;-)


Bunny B said...

Awww.. boo. That's so cute.