Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beware of the Nice Guys

If having to watch out for the bad guys wasn't hard enough, enter Bachelor Jason... Don't fall for the sweet smile and goofy ears.

Sorry, I try not to embarrass myself by pulling out my reality TV geek, but I can't help it... This season's The Bachelor should have been called The Biggest Loser.

Has anyone else been watching this? I have and I can't believe how much I hate this show and this guy and TV producers... why do I watch it??? Each time it makes me hate it even more.

You know how they're always saying this is the most dramatic rose ceremony yet...and how Chris Harrison is always stepping in to let us know that "Ladies, this is the final rose tonight" as if they aren't painfully aware of that fact? Well apparently the final rose is not so final.

Jason proposes to sweet/cute/utterly perfect Melissa and then later because he can't get sassy/fun Molly off his mind, decides he can have his cake and then dump it too--in front of millions of viewers. Last night's After the Final Rose was painful. It wasn't dramatic, it was pathetic and sad. Obviously this wasn't a complete blindside for Melissa, but still... dude have some class--sucking face with the other woman two seconds after you break off your ENGAGEMENT is considered poor form no matter what the producers tell you. All season long, all we've heard from you is whining and crying over how the women in your life committed to you when they didn't know what they wanted. Wow. Playing the Devil's Psychologist here, maybe what you saw in them was really what you see in yourself.

But what all of this really begs is the question: Will Jillian have to revise her hot dog theory?


Alicia said...

I was so upset last night. Sure, I read the spoilers but I still held out hope that they were wrong and Jason and Melissa lived happily ever after.

I think he showed who he really is by dumping her on television and I loved that she called him a bastard

Keri Mikulski said...

Saw this on the news.. Urgh.. Yuck.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

yeah, I watched it and I was so annoyed. I really hated that after Melissa left, they were trying to make it all like it was a sweet romantic thing that Jason wanted Molly back. He's a jerk and doesn't know what he wants. I'm sure in a few months we'll be hearing about their breakup.

The Not So Closet Geeks said...

I saw this! What a jerk (and is it just me, or does he look decidedly orange in the first picture of your post?).

For the Love of Books said...
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For the Love of Books said...

I watched it! I think that he really had everybody fooled until the finale night. He always portrayed himself as the nice guy who always gets left and here he is doing the same thing.

I think that Melissa handled it very well, especially for being on national TV.

As for Molly, I think that she is just setting herself up for failure again.

I think that his "love" for Molly isn't really what he sees. Its like when you haven't had ice cream in two months and you build up this big expectation for it, like its going to be the best tasting thing ever. Then when you get it you realize that you mostly just imagined how extra good it really is.

Good luck to all three of them, its a sad thing to watch.