Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heathers the Musical!

On Twitter this morning Meg Cabot announced that there was a musical version of Heathers in the works--can you say awesome? So a quick research and I have this to pass along:

"The readings saw "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell playing the lead and Christian Campbell as J.D., with Jenna Leigh Green ("Wicked"), BrokeDown Cadillac lead singer Corri English and Christine Lakin (the CW's "Valentine") as the three Heathers."

Funny side note--when I was in college we had a pop culture-ish sociology class (love college classes) and in was a hearing impaired student who sat in the front row with their sign language person translating everything. Not such a big deal until we watched Heathers... I don't think I've ever seen anything more hilarious than a someone trying to sign language all the dialog in Heathers. And yes, I now know how to sign--f* me gently with a chainsaw. LOL.

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Anne Richardson said...

No way, a musical? I can't wait!! Well guess what- I just read the first three in Meyer's twilight series over the last week and a half I think? have to get my hands on #4. I thought of you of course, b/c when I was working with you 2 YEARS AGO, one of your first blogs was about "your Edward" and of course the YA writings. So I loved twilight, the next two weren't quite the thrill, and I read the synopses on #4 b/c I needed to know if it would be a saving grace. I noticed the word "undone" in twilight somewhere around page 230 or so... coincidence? I think not. ;) Anyhow, I wanted to check in and say hi, find out what way I can buy undone that most benefits you, and also please, if you can, I'm a lazy reader, can you recommend more of your favorites so I don't have to go figure it out myself? I LOVE vampires in case that fact never came up before.
Best wishes and much enthusiasm, Anne