Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Twilight Zone

First off-- they are currently casting for Twilight--YAY!!!--this means there will be a big screen version of my yummy yummy Edward very soon. Already cast is Bella--and I just don't know how to feel about Kristen Stewart as Bella.
My image of Bella was more fragile--probably because she needed my Edward so badly. And Kristen seems much stronger and capable and not so easily falling in can't-live-with-out-you-for-one-second love. I've only seen her in Speak and In the Land of Women, though--and both roles weren't very Bella-like. Plus..Speak was forever ago, isn't she getting a bit old to play high school (I only bring up this gripe because Stephenie Meyer's has made it a pointthus ruling out Gaspard as an Edward option)?
Now Kristen Stewart could possibly play Serena in UNDONE, should UNDONE ever hit the big screen...just saying I'm not dissing Stewart AT ALL. In fact, perhaps it is just the jealousy talking...


Kelly Parra said...

She was great IN THE LAND OF WOMEN! I curious who will play Edward. :)

Rinda Elliott said...

My daughter is home sick and watching the Land of Women right now. I want to be in there watching cause I like this actress a lot. I've seen her in other things, too.

Now, I haven't read this book. Was told by someone who knows me that I might not like it. Maybe I should give it a try.

Brooke Taylor said...

She is good actress, in Speak she was very convincing. (I hear that book is better-and I've been meaning to read it!!)

I'm on pins and needles to find out who will play Edward!

Rinda--Twilight is great--I've never read a book that thick so fast. I was soo involved it the world, the characters, etc... as a writer--sure I could point out things that aren't perfect--but I didn't care about them at all.

I have not brought myself to read the next two, even though I have them. I don't want to read about Edward being a jerk or Jacob being so much better a choice or whatever. And more than that, I'm not ready for that world to end and if I read the rest of the books at some point it will. SO for now I'm clinging.

To get a taste--go to Stephenie Meyer's website and find the excerpt in Edward's perspective--it is amazing. I wish the whole book had been in Edward's POV.