Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Dangerous Blog for Christmas Shoppers

One super cute cookie jar: $20 (Now $10 at Bath & Body Works)

Ingredients for yummy Forgotten Cookies--substitute Nestle Holiday Chips: $10

Priority Shipping of super cute cookie jar filled with yummy Forgotten Cookies to Agent: $5

Getting the email that contents had shifted during shipping and said yummy cookies had disintegrated into a pile of (wonderful agent assures me) still-yummy cookie powder: Priceless

It is almost so embarrassing as to be funny. Here are some better ideas for presents that will not disintegrate in the care of the USPS...

For young boys on your list:

For Girls:
And yes, there's is even one now for Dogs!


Jessica Burkhart said...

Ooh, great list, Brooke! :)

TJBrown said...

LOL at least you sent something. I am still floundering:)

Barrie said...

Hey, it's a gift she'll be able to tell a story about. :)