Friday, September 12, 2008

The Truth about Celeb Authors...

Nicole Richie is a reality star celebutante, famous for doing pretty much nothing (not that I'm judging!):
Lauren Conrad is a reality star celebutante, famous for doing pretty much nothing (again, soooo not judging!!):
Nicole dated Brody Jenner:
Lauren dated Brody Jenner
Nicole had a highly publicized break up with a blond BFF over an "inappropriate" tape:
Lauren had a highly publicized breakup with a blond BFF over an "inappropriate" tape:
Nicole wrote a "loosely inspired" book about her celebutante status:

Lauren, our favorite girl-next-door-if-we-lived-in-LaLa Land, apparently just signed a 3 book deal to write a series that is "loosely inspired" by her celebutante status:

Being a writer myself--I notice the release date for the first LA Candy book is summer of 09--I hope that means she's already finished the first book! Wait--just did a Google and on her very own blog it has the following:

“I run ideas by Lo and I’ll ask for her opinion because I value my friends’ opinions,” says the budding author, who has completed the outline for the first book.

Ay Dios Mio! Only the outline, LC? Most authors with releases in the '09 have already been getting their line edits. Best get crackin'!

Thanks Mandy Writer for the tip off about the newest YA writer on the scene!


Steph said...

HAHAHA I loved the connections you made, Brooke. Nice ;)

Speaking of this book deal LC got - I'm not even gonna comment on that.


keri mikulski :) said...
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keri mikulski :) said...

Sorry, typo.

I just posted about this today. Love your post - hilarious.

Lenore said...

Hey maybe she will turn out to be an awesome author. But somehow I doubt it.