Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 Things....

that frrrr--eeek me out:
1. Pointy Fences
Perhaps I've watched too many ER-type shows with people coming into the emergency room impaled. It doesn't help that I ride horses and have on occasion been airborne heading toward a fence. But recently when my new backyard fence was being put in, the iron-guy was building my gate and wanted to put Fleur De Lis tips on it and I freaked. I now have a smooth, non-impaling gate and fence. (side note: he actually called them Florida Leaves)

2. Tornadoes. I live in Tornado Alley, we have them all the time, we even have drinking games to go along with our constant tornado coverage--you'd think I would get used to it. (side note: I live very close to a location where one must take two drinks for every time Gary England mentions the street name. )
3. Skinny people (and becoming a skinny person). Okay--this is a recent discovery that perhaps explains why I self-sabotage my dieting efforts. I want to be fit and trim and all that, but skinny people freak me out. Really. I don't like to see bones. When I have dieted, I always get to point where I start to feel like I'm weak and breakable and I panic. I don't like it.
I don't like being heavy, either--but heavy people don't freak me out.

So what freaks you out?


TJ Brown said...

LOL! Okay, including the things that freak you out, I would have to add: bridges over bays. Bridges over rivers are fine, but bay bridges creep me out. Also, green bugs. Most bugs don't bother me, but green ones do.


Anonymous said...

LOL--underwater tunnels freak me out--at least with a bridge you have a fighting chance.

Bug in general freak me out. I try to take pity on them--it can't be easy being hideous.

~Brooke (whose too lazy to sign in)

Carrie Harris said...

Skinny people do not usually freak me out, but I remember seeing those pictures of Nicole Ritchie. Definitely freakish!

Glass floors freak me out, especially when they're up high. You look down, and there's nothing but air under there, and then a bird flies UNDER YOUR FEET. There is something really wrong about that. I don't care how thick the glass is. Too freaky.

Anonymous said...

Glass flors are tres creepy--I'm right there with ya! Luckily they are not that common for me. Not as common as skinny people, pointy fences, and tornadoes.


(still too lazy)

Anonymous said...

People who flip their eye lids out freak me the hell out. Some boy used to do do that all the time when I was in school and I just can't handle it.

Brooke Taylor said...

Yeek! I forgot about how freaked out eyes in general make me--like I can't even watch someone put in contacts. So eyelid flipping is just one step away from serial killer for me.

DarlingDiva said...

OK...SPIDERS and now one is hauting my desk. Honest!! I freaked and tried to swat it away and it scampered away and now I cannot find it. I am totally buggin'

BTW..just wanted to let you know that I love your book. I read YA and then recommend them to my godchild who is 13

Anonymous said...

That pic of Nicole freaks me out!
Please censor that thing!!!

keri mikulski :) said...

I agree with you about tornadoes.. Definitely freak me out.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Okay, that picture is frightening. I can't believe that these are our supposed idols. It's ridiculous.

As for tornadoes, I grew up in Ohio and was terrified of them. Absolutely, positively terrified. To scare us into participating in tornado drills they used to show us tornado safety videos that were basically footage of all the damage tornadoes could do. I followed directions during tornado drills, all right. But I also couldn't sleep any time it started to rain, and thunderstorms were ruined for me.