Tuesday, September 9, 2008

3 Things...in Undone

This is Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs, Colorado--this is where Serena goes on her date! The pizza is to die for.
This is the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. This hotel was used in the movie The Shining, it is also haunted. I went there when I worked as a Wrangler at a guest ranch in Lyons.
This is Lodo, aka Lower Downtown Denver--and this is where the club is that Bleeder Valve performs at.

I love seeing the real world places that authors bring into their fictional worlds--so I'm tagging any authors who would like to post some of the places they've put in their books--let me know and I'll link ya up to the post! Thanks!!


keri mikulski :) said...

Me too! I love seeing the 'real' inspiration. Thanks for posting. :)

Caryn Caldwell said...

I LOVE Beau Jo's pizza! Their crust -- honey wheat, I think it was -- is yummy. Actually, I just adore Idaho Springs in general, especially when driving Route 70 around Christmas at night, since they have lights up everywhere. Absolutely gorgeous.