Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

So I've been hard at work on Book #2. And really banging my head on how to tell the story. What POV, How many POV's, how to handle past events, etc... and every day I either am soooo in love with this project or I HATE!!! it with a fiery passion.

I'm pretty sure I felt the same way with UNDONE, so I'm not going to try not to panic. BTW--today I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with it... apparently my love is as fleeting as a soap star's, though.

Jordan Woolley, AKA "Nick" on As The World Turns

I LOVE him for being so gorgeous and I hate him for leaving me after only 67 short episodes. Yes, it has been like 2 years (which is 14 in Soap Years) since he left, but I'm not over it.

Not be a long shot.


rainydaysunshine said...

Jordan will love it when he sees your comment! I am sending it to him now....You can keep up with Jordan on his myspace fan space at:

He was just interviewed for a CBS Soaps in Depth update article and will appear in a Michelob Ultra commercial soon!

Thanks for your support. Jordan loves and appreciates all of his fans!!


Brooke Taylor said...

Oh, wow--well hold on, let me fix my hair before you send him this way!


Hi, Jordan! I expect big things beyond Oakdale from you!! A long running weekly series would be ideal...

call me


rainydaysunshine said...

Hey Brooke,

This is a direct quote from an email Jordan sent me last night....

"thanks for writing that blog on brooke taylor's page- that was really nice- tell her i said hi and thank her for all the kind words and support- you know, how much i appreciate words like that and people-"

He is the sweetest!

Hope all is well, and I wish you much success in life.


Heather Harper said...

If I win the lottery, I'm buying you satellite internet...

keri mikulski :) said...

Yummy! I'm with you on the banging the head thing. Me too with number two. :) Keri