Friday, February 22, 2008

Zombie Takes Manhattan

Well I'm a little upset that my entry didn't make the Zombie Idol finals... personally I don't understand how a zombie take on Gossip Girl couldn't be a fave... ?!?!

Perhaps my celebrity judge was having a liquid lunch or something (Just kidding Meg Cabot, John Green, Justine Larbalestier, or E. Lockhart). But here it is--"Zombie Takes Manhattan" From Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar:

Hey Upper Eastsiders !


B with her mother, arguing in a taxi in front of Takashimaya. N enjoying a joint on the steps of the Met. C buying new school shoes at Barneys. And a familiar, tall, eerily beautiful blond girl shambling from a New Haven line train in Grand Central Station. Approximate age, undead. Could it be? S is a zombie?!

Yes, S is back from boarding school. Her hair is matted, paler. Her vacant eyes have that deep lifelessness of the nearly departed. She is wearing the same old fabulous clothes, now in rags from fending off New England zombie hunters. This morning S’s moans for braiiinnnns echoed off the steps of the Met, where we will no longer be able to enjoy a quick smoke and a cappuccino with out seeing her slowly shamble toward us from her parents’ apartment across the street. She has picked up the habit of biting off the knuckles of her friends, which makes us wonder about her even more, and while we are all dying to ask her why she got kicked out of boarding school, we won’t, because we’d really rather she had stayed away. But S is definitely here.

Just to be safe, we should all synchronize our watches and grab up our torches. If we aren’t careful, S is going to infect our teachers, wear the dress we couldn’t fit into and then get it dirty and tattered, eat our brains, eat them in our parents beds, spill our entrails on our rugs, steal our brothers’ and our boyfriends and turn them into an army of walking dead, and basically ruin our lives and piss us all off in a major way.

I’ll be watching closely. I’ll be watching all of us. It’s going to be a wild and wicked year. I can smell it. braiiinnnns…


Gossip Girl


TJBrown said...

LOL too funny!

Reader Rabbit said...

Nice :)

Heather Harper said...


I posted mine the day before Maureen posted her Zombie Shakespeare entries from round 1.

I was like, "Doh!"