Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rock the Vote!

In honor of Super Tuesday voting, I've added a poll to my blog--please go and vote for your favorite YA Cliche. Check out the full article here. Or comment on ones not mentioned!

Might help if you could read the choices, eh?

A. Read Headed Friend
B. Evil Cheerleader Cliques
C. Misunderstood Wicked Stepmother
D. Dead Mother
E. Unsympathetic Meat-Eating Parents
F. Lists

I voted for Evil Cheerleader Cliques :-P


TJBrown said...

yep, evil cheerleader cliques get my vote too. Though I am fond of Lists, as well.

Brooke Taylor said...

It doesn't look like parents of any kind are going to do well in the poll...interesting...

Anonymous said...

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