Thursday, February 21, 2008


Recently I got Direct TV and have been expanding my tv viewing... this has been both a rewarding and frightening experience. For instance--I love Dog Whisperer (have a tiny crush on Caesar Milan) and Degrassi Next Generation, and In Treatment on HBO is really cool. So many great shows... but then there is one... Taboo... that I keep clicking on.

From a writer and hobby psychologist's standpoint this show is fascinating beyond belief. And yet every time I watch it, I find myself throwing up a little in my mouth, and NOT figuratively.

The first time I saw it, I didn't know what it was. I was at RWA in Dallas in the hotel room and my roomies Terri and Rinda came back and Rinda started in about something crappy that was going on and I was like-- um, yeah, but it's not like you had to eat cow ass.

Yes. You heard me right, cow ass. Somewhere in the world people have to eat cow ass. No, not like steak, like... well let's just say be glad you don't live there.

So far I have watched epsiodes where men thread giant vines down their throats and if they don't die they get to be popular or something, a man who had giant fish hooks stuck into in his back that he swung from, and last night it was people who thought they were Vampires.

Now, I thought I could enjoy the vampire one, but really it grossed me out. And yet, it was also funny--this one couple was acting all sexy and stuff, he was psyching himself out to cut her and drink her blood, and she was just sitting there like, whatever... and he had the candles and the Dave Navarro hair and was like "are you ready?" And she was all , "Sure, whatever, yawn"

Anyway--total freak shows, every episode.

Speaking of freak shows... Big Brother--OMG what craziness this week. That Jen girl needs to be shot with the clue gun.


relliott4 said...

I posted to your other blog--didn't even know you had one for LJ. I used to hate that site, but I LOVE that they email response comments.

This still cracks me up. The perfect mantra.

relliott4 said...

Uh, I meant I used to hate LJ in general. I need a nap.