Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Friday...I'm in Love!

...With men in skirts!

You say Sarong...I say so right!

Oops, Trent Ford's just fell off... okay it was just a sheet, but still.... isn't that really the same thing?


valysam said...

wow ! i read on Gena's blog you had men in skirt on yours.... i had to see!!
just have one thing to say: YUM !!!
specially the last pic!

Kelly Parra said...

I never knew how nice a man could look in a skirt! :)

Brooke Taylor said...

The key is they have to have great calves.

nickyfc said...

hey! awesome post. is there any way i could get that last picture but bigger?

Anonymous said...

wow. i didn't realy like the first 3, but the last one. that gave me boner just looking at it. do u have any pics of trent with any sheet covering him? if u do, post them