Friday, November 9, 2007

Cover Art Nightmares

So one night before I got my cover art, I had a dream (nightmare?) where I got to see my book cover. I don't remember much, except I hated it and was concerned that my agent was on vacation and I wanted the publisher to change the cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots, because I felt like veggies weren't very edgy.

I was also trapped at a bookstore needing to leave, but also needing to buy some books--a new Gena Showalter and three others that I really wish I could remember the premises of, because they sounded so good!! Why was I trapped, you may be wondering... IT was also the day the new Harry Potter came out (apparently my dreams are just slightly behind the curve). So there was a monster line. I'd heard rumors (yes, rumors abound in dreamland) that there was one register in the back that was reserved for those poor idiots not buying the new Harry Potter... this turned out be true, sort of. It was an inept person with a calculator who couldn't figure out how much my books cost.

Yeah... dreams are freaky. I'm so glad my cover didn't have veggies on it.... Has anyone else had a funny dream about what your book cover would look like?

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