Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bring your Penguin to Work Day

I couldn't wait to bring I-CY to boring dull work so he could keep me smiling with his cute little flipper dancing moves. However, my little iPod playing cutey was a teensy bit too rambunctious for the office. Yep--while at the other end of the cubicle jungle as I handled very serious, important company problems, a noise erupted from my quiet corner office. Shrieking chirps. Squawks of pleasure. "What's that noise?" my dour coworker scoffed.

"My dancing penguin," I replied.

So what's I-CY dancing to today?

Remember when we were such fools

and so convinced and just too cool...

(Pink ~ Who Knew)


TJBrown said...

Bring your penguin to work day... that's a new one on me!

Heather Harper said...

I love penguins, and it's all Laurel K. Hamilton's fault.