Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Much?

It is Fall Break--so I'll be away from the the i-world for awhile... so I'm pre-posting for the week. Enjoy!

So something kind of random happened this week. An ex has blipped back on the radar after about a 2 year hiatus. A few details about this--he's a Norwegian Fire Fighter I'd met while working on the cruise lines. We continued to have a long-distance (he's in Norway, I'm not) relationship with him, but clearly, it has no future. I like him, love him in many ways, but I'm not (say it with me) in love with him. Still, it is kind of fun to have him emailing me. He wrote it in Norwegian, though--so I have no idea what he wants. But he did add in English that he missed me. Awww... and he gave me a Hog. (Which is how he gives Hugs. Again, Awww).

Anyway, I have to believe that his sudden re-interest has to do with my sudden re-interest in braving the meat-market lifestyle of dating. I've been avoiding "getting out there" for far too long. It's just that I don't have much time, and it seems like I spend a few weeks falling for "perfect guy" only to realize that he's got some major red flags later on.

Yes, I might have turned a blind eye to those hideous mandals, telling myself that I could change that. But, the weird story involving setting his kitchen on fire when he just happened to fall asleep (???) while cooking (???), I could not. Hello? Easy on the cooking sherry... (btw--this wasn't the Norwegian FF, he was very, very into fire safety *rolls eyes*)

So, my crit partner Cyn and I discussed this some:

Cyn said: I think men should come with labels, like they put on the door at a kennel when you go to adopt a dog. "Nice temperament, but sometimes bossy." "Territorial." "Guards his food." You know.

And I agree. Which brings us to The Story of Fonzy:

I fell for him right away. He was a lab-mix of some sort and had the most gorgeous blond hair. He was so sweet--kissing my hands through the cage. And he never broke eye contact--even when other, prettier potential-adopters passed by us. And what a smile. He was a charmer, that's for sure. SO I was ready to bring Fonzy home and start our forever together. Then I read his card....

Fonzy had been adopted 3 times, and brought back each time because no fence could hold him.

Story of my life.

So what labels would your ex's have on their kennel card? My Norwegian Ex? His would be--"Sweet boy, but likes the sound of his own bark."



Heather Harper said...

This one was a winner... Not.

Will bring you roses. Vase and alcoholic temper free of charge.

Brooke Taylor said...

Ha ha...

The one who set his kitchen on fire would have:

"Has severe separation anxiety and can't stay out of the Cat Nip."

AKA--way too freaking needy and a substance abuser.

Yep- big winners! ~BT