Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let the Blogging Begin!

Beginning is easy--Continuing is hard.
Japanese Proverb

First off, if you've found me--WELCOME!

So, here's the deal--I'm going to get into a blogging routine as soon as I can get the stupid WiFi people to return my calls. It's like they don't want my $60 a month. So for now, I'll give a sneak peak at what this blog is going to be all about and hopefully you'll go ahead a link to me or add me to your bloglines or whatever and forgive me for my sporadic posting behavior. Thanx!!

So a little bit about me--I'm an author of Young Adult books. I love YA books, especially ones that have been banned somewhere (banning books is wrong, reading banned books is oh-so right!) When I'm not reading or writing, I'm probably walking my dog, riding my horses, out at the lake, or traveling to some really cool (or not cool) place. My first book, UNDONE, will be out July 2008. Here's the cover. I love it.

The PM blurb to give you a hint about what the book is about:


Brooke Taylor's debut, UNDONE, in which a troubled teen fulfills the five enigmatic last wishes of her daring best friend only to discover the dark secrets of a shared past that she never knew, to Emily Easton at Walker by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (NA).

On this blog I plan to talk about the publishing process, writing, really cool YA books and authors, and my obsession with hot guys, especially Edward Cullen. So, here's an early taste of what you can expect out of my Friday blog posts:

Okay, so that's not the real Edward Cullen--that is Gaspard Ulliel. But he has lots of Edward Cullen-ness. I bet he sparkles in the sun, too.


Cyn said...

You are my favorite author ever! Love your cover. And I won't say how hot Edward is because I know he is all yours. Until he eats you, and then he is mine.

Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cyn. I know how hard it is for Live Journal peeps to make the long treck over to the Blogger world, so it is greatly appreciated!!

And stay away from my Edward!! It's bad enough I have to put with that Bella girl...

Heather Harper said...

Nice to meet you, Brooke. ;)