Monday, August 18, 2008

3 Things....

3 Things... You will always find in one of my books:

1. A Horse

I buy a lot of books simply because they have a horse on the cover, but sometimes I find that I've been duped, because there isn't a horse anywhere inside. So, in every single book I will have a horse, somewhere, somehow. It's my small way of giving back all that has been taken...

2. A made up Slang Word

Yes, I secretly hope that my little made up word will catch on and go far in life....

3. The expression "heaved a sigh"

One of my crit partners (*cough* *cough* Jordan *cough* *cough* Dane) had her characters heaving sighs right and left, I just find it funny.

Is there anything you always put in your novels or anything you notice that is funny that you want me to put in mine?

1 comment:

keri mikulski :) said...

Love the made up slang word..

Hmm... So far..

1. the word snatched

2. a wrestler

3. the word amazing