Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good News Just Keeps on Coming

This month has been full a great news--Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why hit the NYT Bestseller list, as did the amazing mother/daughter duo of PC & Kristin Cast with the third book in their House of Night series, Chosen . (The House of Night books have the most amazing covers, too!!) Not suprising, but they hit the NYT list shortly after being interviewed by Jill Monroe of Author Talk.

And I can't even keep up with all the good news this week!

First was Rinda's exciting news that she's signed with a super cool agent! Congrats woman, we're going to hear more good news very soon, I'm sure!!!

Then my agency sisters Kelly Parra and Simone Elkeles are both finalists for the Ritas! Graffiti Girl and Leaving Paradise.

The my local RWA Chpater mate Merline Lovelace got her Rita call for her novel Stranded with a Spy!

AND it is my CP and dear friend Jordan Dane's release day for No One Heard Her Scream.

I'm pretty sure everyone heard me scream when I got all this great news!!! Congrats ladies and gent! I have a feeling there will be more good news as the day progresses--good luck to all the Golden Heart and Rita entrants!! I'm so glad I'm not getting an ulcer waiting for the phone to ring this year! LOL.

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