Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Milestone EVER!!!!

As a writer there are many milestones that we celebrate—first completed manuscript, first agent rejection (Yes this really is celebrated, how sick is that? LOL), first agent request for more pages, first request for a Full(!!!!), and the biggies like The Call, the typeset pages, the cover art, the arcs, the reviews… but today I’ve hit THE BEST MILESTONE EVER!!!!

My first fan email!!!!!!!

Big shout out to Jenna!!

I’d known Walker had done an amazing job of getting ARCs out and I’ve seen a few bookseller reviews already on the net, but I really didn’t expect to get reader feedback so soon, especially from a teen reader. After all, UNDONE won’t be on shelves until July 22nd. Thing is, Jenna belongs to this really super cool book club at her middle school called The Bookies and they read ARCs and review them and then their teacher sends the reviews to the publisher. How freaking awesome, right? And Jenna’s review was really impressive (and not just because she liked the book—but because of the things she commented on and the things she took away from reading it). So kudos to the teachers involved in this project as well.

As my first official fan, Jenna will be receiving the very first (sorry Mom) signed copy of UNDONE when it comes out, and a signed ARC of my next book (*cough**cough* which I need to finish).


Barrie said...

Wow! How very wonderful! Congrats on your first fan email! And I love the sounds of that book club!

Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks--and I wish we'd had a cool book club like that at my school.

Her review was really good--well thought out and hitting on several elements, so they obviously take it very seriously.

Rinda said...

This is still so cool.

Reader Rabbit said...

Congrats! I wish we had a book club like that at our school. :)