Thursday, March 13, 2008


The time change is beating me up! I can't go to sleep--last ngiht I stayed up watching Big Brother After Dark so I could see who won HOH. And then all of a sudden my alram clocks going nuts and it is time to get up already. I'm pretty sure I've lost way more than just one hour with this whole thing.

I'm enjoying the extra evening sunlight, though. After work I was able to work with my horses and made some great progress with Mari. Mari is a rescued Kiger mustang who not only came in from the wild mending a broken shoulder, but then was abused by her first 2 placements.

I'd done well with another abused horse, so I figure she'd be a cake walk. Ha ha. Mustangs are so intelligent and they have endurance like you wouldn't believe. Plus the instinct to survive is extremely high--I'm mean how else did she survive in the wild with a broken shoulder, keeping up with her herd and not getting attacked by a mountain lion? This horse has heart like you wouldn't believe.

So I've been working with her and yesterday we did something she'd never done before. She let me lead her though a gate opening. It may seem like nothing, but it was huge. Normally if she suspects that any foul play is going down, she bolts. So I was very happy. She was also really affectionate, enjoying lots of scratching and ear rubs and stuff. It was hot and she still has her winter fuzz so I'm sure she was itchy. But I always get a kick out of how sweet she is about having her face and ears handled because the people I got her from told me she would never be a cuddly horse. Ha!

Here's a picture of her:

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Sounds like a great day, Brooke. :)