Monday, January 14, 2008

Think Hard

To live is well, but to live well is better!
~Russian proverb~


TJBrown said...

I would agree with that sentiment!

Barrie said...

I like this. We should show it to Gabe!

Alyssa Day said...

how is the new Akita puppy?

Brooke Taylor said...

Hi Alyssa! The puppy ended up being 85lbs and very territorial. As much as I came to adore her after only a couple of days--she attacked my dog of 12 years and we spent Christmas eve at the emergency vet. So, I had to take her back. So sad all around--but my Kodi is fine (had to have his Canine tooth removed because fo a fracture in his jaw--but all is well and he's happy to have his yard to himself again). I might look for an actual puppy if I try again!

How are your new pups doing??