Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Call?

Did anyone catch One Tree Hill last night? They did a flash back to when Lucas gets "The Call"--the one where he has sold his book. Anyway, I just loved it when the editor girl asks "When can you come to New York?" and then later talks about how they will be practically a married couple with all the late night editing sessions. Um, yeah, nope...

So what did I do when I got "The Call" --not sure, because really what I got was more of a "The Email" and then when I did get "The Call" it was over a week or two later and the deal was already discussed, so this was simply the official--yes, I want to accept call. And I even had to ask my wonderful agent--so, is this The Call? Because I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing when I got it. Anyway, never got an official answer, but was told to go out and celebrate.

So, for what I'm pretty sure was "The Call" I was checking on my horses who were at the trainer, trying not to get electrocuted on the Hot Wire fencing while sneaking them contraband (peppermint candy). I was not asked how soon I could get to NYC.


TJBrown said...

I got the email and then another email... And then "the call"

But the email was enough to make me cry!

Brooke Taylor said...

Oh good--I felt like I was the only one who got "The Email". So exciting, though, no matter how it comes about!!

groovyinclinations said...

You are a hoot~
I'll be looking for your book!
mindy wilson