Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 Ways to Tell a Brooke Taylor Book

Following in the blog-shoes of Rachel, Gena, and Jill Here are the 10 ways to tell a book is written by me:

1. There is a crush worthy boy that either a) has spiky lashes, b) has pale blue eyes, c) goes commando, or d) all of the above plus drives a motorcycle.

2. Girl who wears Doc Martin boots.

3. A horse. Doesn't matter if it is grazing in a field, has to be there.

4. Single parent. I just can't juggle two parental units in a book, one is plenty.

5. Water--lake, river, ocean. Which is usually somehow involved with skinny-dipping.

6. A kiss described with way too much purple prose. Sorry, it is hard not to get carried away when a spiky lashed, commando-goin' guy's lips go in for the kill.

7. Some mention of music lyrics--can't help having a bit of a soundtrack to my story.

8. Inner dialog. There's just some things an MC shouldn't say out loud. But it doesn't mean she can't think them!

9. Em dashes--all of which are 100% necessary--are used in abundance.

10. A sarcastic play on words or a titles.


Kelly Parra said...

LOL! Sounds like I want to read a Brooke Taylor book! :)

TJBrown said...

LOL I should do that! I would have to think too hard though.

Barrie said...

Very interesting, Brooke. Can't wait to read the book!

Jill Monroe said...

Love it!

Gena Showalter said...

If I hadn't been dying to read the book already, I'd be dying now. Instead, I'm now doubly dying. If that makes any sense :) My two favs were 1 and 6, with 8 and 9 close seconds.

Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks everyone! I've really enjoyed hittting all the blogs and LJ's with this meme! I'm affraid my TBR pile will be growing again!