Friday, October 10, 2008

Vampire Week Winners & My Ghost Stories

First off--sooooooo loving all the wonderful ghost stories everyone is sharing for the Ghost Week Giveaway! OMG--the one about the clown that turns around totally freaked me out--clown creepy me out. I think there was a string of prime time scary clown movies when I was a kid or something.

Anyway, I've got a handful of stories to share as well, so I'll spread them out all week long... but my first one is an actual ghost sighting.

The Tooth Fairy: I was probably 7 yrs old and had just lost a tooth. In those days, I had a hard time sleeping in my own room alone and one of the tactics my parents used to keep me out of their room was to tell me that the tooth fairy wouldn't visit me if I wasn't in my own bed.

Okay--so I put my tooth under my pillow and go to sleep, but something wakes me up and I decide that the money isn't worth it and grab up my pillow to go sleep with Mom. Well, under my pillow is the tooth and the money--and in my doorway is a lady--white dress, see through body--the typical package. I follow her down the hall. You see, I'm not scared so much of ghosts as real life burglers and madmen and such. So anyway, I was toddling after the ghost and she goes into my parents room and disappears into the wall beside/behind an armoire-thing they had.

I never saw her again, but once I had this horrible nightmare while napping in my parents bed. I was engulfed in flames and it was very real, I woke up covered in sweat.

House of Night Winners!!!

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Congrats you two!
Ohh those are some creepy stories. I'm the same way...I'm way more freaked out about real life people then ghosts and whatnot!

That would have freaked me out about the fire dream. Not fun!


Ladytink_534 said...

Ooh creepy story! I wonder if you could find out if anyone ever died in a house fire at that home?