Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching Up

Roxy at the watering hole 1 week ago

Sorry I've been a horrid blogger of late--I've been totally consumed with all sorts of crazy. First off Miss Puppy--I tried all of the great name suggestions, and as much as I loved Alaska, it just didn't fit her. She is and could be nothing else--Roxy (I call her Roxy Hart, my brother calls her Roxy Music). A little bit rowdy, very girly, and totally trouble. She is a lover of everything. She is also growing like a weed--2 weeks ago she had to haul herself up on her hind legs to drink water from the big tub, now she just has to walk up to it. She weighed 20.7 lbs at her vet visit last week and I'm sure she's grown even more since then. I go to work and she grows, she takes a nap and she grows. She'll be about 95lbs by the end of the year. Yeek.
Roxy about two weeks ago--still little

So, we've been hitting puppy kindergarten class. So much fun. It is hard not to totally die of cuteness when you attend puppy kindergarten.

Second, we are closing on the family house. After my dad passed (lung cancer) a year and a half ago, my mom set out to find a house where she could also keep her horses. We found this dream house about 6 months ago and have been working on it, getting it in shape and now we're in the final stages. The "old" house will be closed on tomorrow. It's bittersweet and the timing ((we found out almost exactly 2 years ago--so it was a fast but fierce fight--and today would've been his 65th birthday--Happy Birthday, Daddy!), brings up lots of feelings. But even sentimental ol' me doesn't feel like the "old" house is ours anymore.

Third, Book Two. It's been kicking my butt, but only because I know it has soooo much potential and I don't want it to be one of those books that "Had so much potential" LOL. So I'm reworking it constantly. I think I'm onto something and am putting into motion to see if if can make the leap from my head to the page and stay intact. A lot of my ideas seem really good in my head, but then as I write them I realize they don't won't have "legs" for the entire book. Some just come off corny or over the top on the page. You just never know.
Domi (Cats Against LiTTeracy Prez)--editing Book 2

So that's what I've been up to. Sadly haven't been reading much--except dog training books--recommended read for those is The Culture Clash.


Alyson Noel said...

Okay, Roxy is so cute I can't stand it!

Though I'm sorry to read about your dad, it's hard closing up a house and saying goodbye-- but I wish you all kinds of wonderful newness in your new place!

Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks Alyson! Roxy is as sweet as she is cute. She wants to snuggle with everyone she meets. When she gets to be 95lbs I wonder if they'll be so eager to snuggle back?

The new house is my mom's, so technically I'm not the one moving. Her new house is wonderfully relaxing--even has its own lake! It already feels like home. And I know my dad played a big part in our finding it. Just... you know... bittersweet.

keri mikulski :) said...

Roxy is a cutie.. Sorry about your dad. Your new house sounds wonderful. And a lake.. Nice.. Sending bunches and bunches of hugs.

Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks Keri--

Mom's new house is great--Dad would've loved it :-)

Jessica Brody said...


Is your book releasing next month? you must be so stoked! Is it your first?

Good luck to you!
Jessica Brody

Heather Harper said...

Happy Birthday, BT's Daddy. :-)


And I just want to squeeze Roxy. She's such a fluffy ball of cuteness!