Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Friday...I'm in LOVE!!

With Miss Fluffy BooBoo, my new puppy who will be coming next week. I need a name. I've kind of been referring to her as Cookie. And CoCo is a cute name. I'd love to name her after a cool female character from a book, but my mind is blank. So far Roxy Hart and Harley Quinn have been in the running, but I need desperate help with some suggestions. If your name fits, I'll come up with a cool prize--like chocolate or books.


Heather Harper said...

How precious! I want to give her a hug...

Shooting Stars Mag said...

AW, she is super cute!!
I have a dog named Luana, but you can totally steal the name too if you like it...I think it's a cute/unique name. Said like Lou-Aw-Nuh

if that makes sense? LOL

But girls from books...Bella is a cute name...


RR2 said..., so cute.. I wish i could have a dog..

girls from books?? I second the choice of Bella. It fits-your puppy is beautiful :D

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Bella as a normal name. Or Imogine as an out-there name. Or Fluffy the Adorable as a cutesy name.

Melissa Walker said...

I always wanted to name a girl pet after a fashion icon, like Diana Vreeland or Nan Kempner or Edie Sedgwick or Debbie Harry.

(Or Coco... um... Chanel?). :)

This might work better for a cat, but it's an idea!